Liquid Gold: Australian Organic Honey for Sale

We all know just how delicious it is; whether spread on toast, a substitute for sugar in tea, or any of the other endless ways to consume it, time and time again it proves itself as an enjoyable flavour. Not only that, but also the medical benefits of natural honey are simply outstanding.

What you’ll find with many of the mass-produced brands, however, is that by the time it reaches the shelves, it’s anything but natural. Chemical processes and heat treatments turn what was once a raw, organic honey into quite the opposite.

The raw honey with a difference

At Fewster’s Farm, we have been all about delivering our customers with the most natural Australian organic honey since way back in 1916. For nigh on a hundred years now, this family-run establishment has proudly produced the most premium-quality liquid gold for every home, and we aim to continue this practice well into the future. Our Jarrah honey has amazing prebiotic properties that have been proven to increase the natural good bacteria in the human stomach.

A great selection of products for sale

If you’ve been looking for a reputable retailer of raw Jarrah honey, you’re most certainly in the right place. Fewster’s Farm’s specialty is Jarrah, and we’ve grown to be the biggest independent producers of it the world over. From TA10+ up to TA30+, you’ll find it here. Our entire product range is certified organic, which means that no matter what you buy from us, it’s 100% free from any chemicals or pesticides, and the harvesting is done the right way.

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